Can I Offer Rabbits Organic Fresh Foods?

Rabbit owners share opinions on buying organic fresh foods for rabbits.

The word “organic” conjures up images of natural health. Many people swear by organic produce and do not buy fresh foods from any other source.

Should you buy organic for your rabbit? Your choice depends on many factors, including cost and availability. Your local grocery store might not carry a good selection of organics.

Rabbits do love fresh-grown food, according to Roxanne Jones of Roxanne’s Rabbit Rescue, Inc., in Florida. “They will always eat fresh picked anything over store bought,” she said, but cost prohibits her from buying most organic items. She does, however, purchase organic sweet potatoes for her rabbits.

Judith Pierce, president/chapter manager of the San Diego House Rabbit Society,  said that organic foods are “frankly a waste of money.” Instead, she recommends buying locally grown, in-season food to ensure it is fresh. To protect against pesticides and other toxins, thoroughly rinse, scrub and dry produce before feeding it to your rabbit.

Pierce recommends organic lettuce, broccoli, kale, parsley and cilantro but noted that cleaning the produce is still important to your rabbit’s health. “Organic greens also need to be washed before being given to your bunny,” she said. “Even though they may not contain pesticides, they still can have dirt residue and might even have some little bugs in them that need to be washed out.”

Whatever your choice of foods — organic vegetables, pellets and hay, etc. — choose fresh items to ensure your bunny a long, happy life.

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