Can I Give My Cat Milk?

CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, discusses why cat's should not drink milk.

Q: I have two Siamese cats, one is show quality and the other more traditional. Is giving milk a bad thing for Siamese cats? One breeder I spoke to strongly opposed it. She also insisted on that they need raw meat.  I feed them Wellness canned food in addition to Royal Canin brand dry food. I would appreciate your comments. They love their food but the small female for some reason craves milk and we are leery to give it to her.

A: Cats love milk, but they cannot digest it properly and most cats wind up with diarrhea. In fact, in my practice I’ll often prescribe milk for cats with constipation problems because of its diarrhea-inducing properties.

You can offer a small amount as a treat, and monitor to see if it causes diarrhea. If so, you’ll need to stop giving it. If not, then a little milk here and there is OK as a treat.

I am not a proponent of feeding “raw” diets to cats. The brands you use, Wellness and Royal Canin, are both excellent diets. No need to supplement with milk.

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