Can Baby Parrots Remain With Breeders Too Long?

Will an 8-month-old African grey parrot make a good pet bird?

Q: I am considering buying a Congo African grey parrot from a breeder. She has two that are left from this past clutch, which would put them at around 8 months old. Do you think the birds have remained with the breeder too long? Could one of them make a good pet bird? 

Jean Pattison explains the appropriate age to bring home an African greyJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

I do not think these African grey parrot babies are too old to go to new homes. Very often, at this age, they are beyond the frightened baby stage. African grey parrots are very adaptable, and many times, in a new environment, away from their “safe zone,” they settle right in with the new caretaker. Depending on the hand-feeder and the genetic makeup of the bird, sometimes they even work out better than getting a newly weaned baby African grey. My own pet African grey, which I received from another breeder as a gift, was 9 months old when I was finally able to bring her home. She is a wonderful bird and a great pet.

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