Can A Ferret Share A Home With A Parrot?

Is it OK to have ferrets and parrots in the same household?

Q: We’re thinking of buying our daughter a ferret, but we own an African grey parrot. Would a ferret be OK in the same house as a parrot? The ferret will be kept in our 17-year-old daughter’s bedroom, but, if by any chance it got out, would it be a danger to our parrot, which is caged up most of the time?
A: As long as the parrot and the ferret are kept separate, then they can share a home. Ferrets and birds are not pets that can learn to live together, but if kept carefully they can be live in the same home.

Watch for any signs of stress (panting, screaming, etc.) in the parrot by being in close proximity to a small predator.

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