‘Camping With Cats’ Instagram Account Will Make You Want To Take Your Kitty Camping Like Right Now

Grab your cats; it’s time to hit the great outdoors!

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"This tent is mine." Via campingwithcats/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Camping would be perfect if you could bring all the comforts of home along with you. Like your cell phone, books, coffee… and, of course, your cat. Oh wait. You can totally bring all those things with you. Including your cat. There’s an Instagram account to prove it.

“The meowtains are calling and I must go,” the tagline on the Camping With Cats Instagram page reads. And oh, how so true it is, especially for these kitties. They love the great outdoors. They’re adventuresome. And they’re all about camping. Take a look.

Camping Activity No. 1: Putting Up The Tent

“I think it’s good.”

Camping Activity No. 2: Canoeing

“How long until we’re on dry land again?”

Camping Activity No. 3: Backpacking

Backpacking means to never have your paws on the ground.

Camping Activity No. 4: Photographing Nature

To photograph nature, one must close one’s eyes and become one with nature.

Camping Activity No. 5: Relaxing In A Hammock

Kitty is displeased that he must share the hammock with the human.

Camping Activity No. 6: Tree Climbing

Real trees are so much better.

Camping Activity No. 7: Boating

This cat is all about safety.

Camping Activity No. 8: Telling Ghost Stories

“Once upon a time…”

Camping Activity No. 9: Sitting By The Campfire

“Who’s got the marshmallows?”

Camping Activity No. 10: Hiking

“Where does this trail lead? I hope to treats.”

Camping Activity No. 11: Rejoicing In Nature

“I finally made it out. Now, where is in so I can go back out again?”

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