Campaign Underway to Promote Safer Pet Travel

Bark Buckle UP is encouraging people to pledge to "Be Smart Ride Safe” with their pets.

Dog in carPet safety experts Bark Buckle UP and dog trainer Cesar Millan have teamed up to launch a national campaign promoting pet travel safety and encourage owners to take the “Be Smart Ride Safe” pledge online.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80 percent of people in the U.S. travel with their pets. A 60-pound pet can become a 2,700-pound projectile if any accident occurs when a car is moving at only 35 mph. An unrestrained dog not only increases the risk of pet injury, but also injury to the driver.

Unrestrained pets can cause driver distraction, delay emergency workers’ access to occupants and potentially bite rescue workers. Pets can also escape post-accident, which can cause another accident or dangers that come from having to catch the loose pet.

“Safety belts can only work if you use them – that costs nothing – but not using them can cost lives – pets included,” says Bark Buckle UP founder, Christina Selter.

The Be Smart Ride Safe pledge was created to allow people to commit to safer travel measures with their pets and to protect emergency responders. First responders nationwide have stated that any time lost caring for accident victims because of the need to deal with a frightened or injured animal can and should be avoided.

To take the online pledge and download Bark Buckle UP’s Free Pet Safety Kit, visit

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