Cameron Diaz on Her Cranky Canine Costar

The terrier mix steals scenes – and makes the director work overtime.

Cameron Diaz has some big-name costars in “The Holiday,” her new movie in which she stars along-side Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black. But Diaz says the real troublemaker on the set was her canine costar.

“The dog was hilarious,” says Diaz during a press conference to publicize the film. “The dog was really old and he was over it. He’s like ‘I’ve been doing this way too long to even be about to make you guys happy.’” The film’s writer/director, Nancy Meyers, even had to step in when the dog didn’t feel much like performing. “Nancy played the dog a lot,” laughs Diaz. “She was off screen, barking. It was funny.”

In the film, the terrier mix belongs to Kate Winslet’s unlucky-in-love character, Iris, who impulsively swaps her English country house for the home of Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda.

And while Diaz, who made headlines recently by declaring she’s “not the marrying kind,” enjoyed working with the dog, she says that another four-legged friend isn’t in her future. “I don’t even want a dog because of the commitment,” she says. “My cat just died – and I don’t even want another one. Oh great, I just opened up a can of worms. Here we go!”

“The Holiday” opens Friday.

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