Calm Bunny Meets Crazy Corgi Dog

You won’t believe what happens when a Corgi dog meets a lop-eared rabbit.

rabbit sniffs puppy
Via winguner/YouTube
Everything finally seems to be going well, or is it?

I’ll admit I’ve watched this video several times. It’s such a fascinating display of species interaction — and there is the unexpected blooper to give it charm, too.

It looks like a puppy is meeting the family rabbit. That’s the only explanation I can figure for why the rabbit so utterly calm in the face of a jumping, barking dog. 

First, the rabbit seems to want to say hello, but the spastic reactions from the dog make it retreat to a corner. Both then take exploratory steps forward, followed quickly by retreats. 

I really wonder if there is some animal language we can’t hear that’s going on. I doubt that the rabbit is making any noise at all, yet the dog seems to consider that carpet the rabbit’s territory — an unspoken boundary.

And the interaction isn’t only between rabbit and dog. Catch the dog’s look at the person holding the camera at 0:51 seconds. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Are you seeing this? There’s a fluffy animal in the corner!”

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At 1:22, the rabbit decides it’s time to get the sniffs in and settle this fracas. Although the pup seems to have at last calmed down enough to allow the sniffs, we find out seconds later that… um, well, he wasn’t as calm as we thought. The two separate again.

At 1:50, you can catch the rabbit now giving the person holding the camera a look. I can only guess that he’s puzzled about why he’s been subjected to the antics of this crazy pup.

Mr. Calmness then goes back to the corner and the puppy ends with looking to the camera person again. He might be proud of scaring the ball of fluff into the corner, or maybe he’s just glad it retreated and he feels safe again. 
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