Calm, Assertive Energy and Calm, Submissive Energy in Dogs

Dogs don't know each other by name they know each other by the energy they project and the activities they share.

The first energy that a puppy experiences after birth is his moms calm, assertive energy. Later, the puppy will follow a pack leader who projects the same calm, assertive energy out of association.

Make Like a Leader
Dogs use constant energy to communicate. (Energy is what I call beingness; who and what you are at every moment.)

Dogs don’t know each other by namethey know each other by the energy they project and the activities they share. They also know humans in the same way.

The pack leader always projects a calm, assertive energy. (If you don’t know what I mean by calm, assertive energy, think about Oprah Winfrey. She is calm and assertive.)

The key to earning your dogs respect as the pack leader is to understand the nature of the pack and to duplicate the action and attitude of the pack leader. The pack leader controls everything: when the pack eats, when they play, how far they can walk.

Calm, Submissive Energy
The pack followers return a calm, submissive energy that completes the pack balance. Most dogs are born submissive because there can only be so many pack leaders.

Some submissive dogs who live with humans that do not lead will attempt to right the pack balance by filling what they see as a vacant pack leader role out of necessity.

This is very unhealthy because it creates an unstable state remember, these dogs were born to follow calm, submissive energy and this is often at the root of problem behaviors because you have a submissive dog trying to lead in the only way it knows how. These dogs are often identified by nervous, fearful, or other unwanted behaviors.

Your goal is to provide calm, assertive leadership to your dog 100 percent of the time. (Just like he would experience in the pack.) This natural balance calm, assertive leadership with calm, submissive behavior nurtures stability and creates a balanced, centered and happy dog.

The Best Gift
The most loving gift you can give your dog is to become his calm, assertive pack leader. Its a gift that both you and your dog will enjoy.

Next Step: Refocusing Your Dog

Cesar and his pack
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Note: Cesar Millan is a professional. Please consult a qualified trainer before attempting these techniques with your dog.

For more information, visit Cesar Millans Dog Psychology Center where the express purpose is to rehabilitate and maintain a dogs natural state of being.

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