Now You Can Call A Car For Your Pet

A new shuttle service hooks dogs and cats up to the sharing economy by offering a car service like Uber or Lyft.

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Alex went from shelter to forever home thanks to Roadie, a new shuttle service for pets. Via Roadie Inc.

Whenever your dogs or cats can’t drive themselves somewhere, which is always, you can turn to a new service.

A new feature of courier company Roadie lets drivers ferry pets from place to place. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has provided shuttle service since early 2015 with the help of folks across the country who drive for Roadie’s fleet on a per-gig basis.

“The majority of the pets we help move are being adopted or moving to new homes with their current families, owners,” Michelle Green, public relations coordinator with Pitch Public Relations, told “Roadie is a safe, cost-efficient and personalized way to get pets where they need to go.”

With Roadie, you send your request through the site or app and a driver selects it. And if you want to be a driver, it works as easily for you too. Via Roadie Inc.

With Roadie, you send your request through the site or app and a driver accepts it. Via Roadie Inc.

One testimonial on the site features a dog named Alex, a Lab mix picked up by a shelter in Georgia who was lucky enough to find a forever family — in Iowa. Shelter workers arranged a flight but couldn’t get Alex to the airport. Through word of mouth, shelter workers heard that Roadie was a reliable transportation option and had a new cat and dog travel option. The driver who picked up Alex even went above and beyond by feeding him treats and caring for him when his flight was delayed.

Green pointed this out as an example of the “overwhelmingly positive” response pet people have had to Roadie’s pet service. Another example was a cat who traveled to her owner right in time for her first Christmas alone in Brooklyn.

If you want to use the service, get your dog or cat’s health certifications and vaccination records in order, ID your pet, pack up his/her road food and water dish and prep your pet for rest stops (litter boxes for cats, leashes for dogs). Then you simply create a Gig via the Roadie website or app and a driver comes rolling up to your door.

Want to be a driver? Reach out to Roadie for an interview. You might find yourself helping pets in a way you never expected.

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