Californians Spend More on Pet Emergencies

Pet insurance company reports the average amount spent on pet emergencies by state.

Pet owners in California spent the most on non-routine veterinary care in 2007 compared to any other state, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, which recently analyzed its claims data to find the average amount policyholders spent state by state on pet emergencies.

States following California, which topped at $500 per pet, were New York at $499 per pet, the District of Columbia at $474 per pet, and New Jersey at $437 per pet.

States where pet owners spent the least on non-routine medical expenses were Mississippi at $207 per pet, North Dakota at $213 per pet, and Missouri at $246 per pet.

The number of claims submitted per pet did not vary significantly by state, indicating that the dollar discrepancies in the amount pet owners spent are due to regional differences in the cost of veterinary care, according to VPI.

For example, veterinarians in California or New York may charge more than veterinarians in Mississippi or North Dakota to offset higher property costs and employee salaries.

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