California Considers Revision To Banned Species List

Senate bill passes through Natural Resources and Water Committee

A bill under consideration in California’s Senate would prohibit the possession, transportation, release and importation of a number of wild animals, including quaker parrots (monk parakeets).

The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee passed Senate Bill 1424 in a hearing held March 25, 2008 and the bill moved to the Appropriations Committee where it will be voted on again. The date for the hearing has not yet been scheduled. 

The bill would repeal and amend the current list of species the state’s Fish and Game Commission uses to determine which types of animals might pose a threat to the state’s native wildlife or that raise an animal welfare concern.

According to a spokesperson from the office of Sen. Michael Machado, who sponsored the bill, the purpose of the bill is to update Section 28 of the Fish and Game Code and will not change the legality of owning certain birds in the state of California.

Genny Wall, legislative vice president for the American Federation of Aviculture, has monitored the progress of the bill sees no need for concern among California parrot owners at this time.

“If it becomes evident that the intent of this bill is to ban all parrots within the state of California, then we will issue a legislative alert and request opposition to the bill,” Wall said.

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