Calico Fantail Goldfish

Could a calico fantail goldfish be a moor in disguise?

Q. We have a calico fantail goldfish. Could this be a kind of moor? It looks like our other goldfish, which are all moors. Also, we have a ton of spare moors. If you want any you can have some.

A. Thanks for the offer. I’m afraid all my aquariums are occupied right now — and hopefully will stay that way for a good long while.

It is a really good idea to thin out the herd of fish before Mother Nature steps in to do it her way. Too many fish in too small a space is a guaranteed disaster in the making. Sooner or later disease will thin out the residents of this freshwater fish aquarium.

If your moors are of modest quality a local pet store might be interested in taking some. They might give you cash or merchandise in trade.

Maybe some of your friends would like to try their hands at fishkeeping. Why not offer some as giveaways? A local school might be interested in taking a few moors to add a little life to its classrooms.

Could your calico be a moor in disguise? Well, in a sense. All goldfish are closely related. The varieties offered in pet stores are specially bred for form and color. They can look very different, but they are really the same fish.

Calico fantails are a variety of goldfish distinct from moors. The body form, eyes and finnage may be similar, or near identical. The primary difference is color. Moors are velvet black, whereas calico fantails are blue, black, red, metallic flecked and so on.

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