Calendars For 2013 Feature Small Animal Pets

Small animal enthusiasts can get a cuteness fix and help small animal pets at the same time with calendars from pet support groups that feature rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice and other small animal pets.

It’s October, and 2013 is right around the corner. Now is the time when many people think about what calendar will decorate the walls of their home or office for the upcoming year. Or maybe they’re wondering what gift to give for the upcoming holidays or birthdays.

Pet lovers have some really terrific choices available to them with calendars from animal rescue or support groups. What more could a fan of rabbits, ferrets, rats, miceguinea pigs and chinchillas ask for than to see photos of their pet species, and to know that purchase of a pet calendar or two helped that species?

Creating the pet calendars is quite a task.The Ferrets of the FML calendar features ferrets owned by members of the Ferret Mailing List, and it is produced with photos from a contest. Proceeds benefit Support Our Shelters. For ordering information, visit the SOS website.

Sharon Bearden, who oversees production of the calendar, said she looked at more than 100 photos for the 2013 calendar. “There are always some wonderful cute and funny photos submitted in the photo contest,” she said. “I appreciate the loyal support of those who submit photos year after year. There are also great stories shared, and I enjoy getting to know the ferrets who are featured in the calendar and the people who love them so much.”

Pat Wright oversees another ferret calendar, the calendar, which holds a photo shoot to obtain photos for the calendar. Wright said the goal was to make it a community event and about three dozen ferrets participated.

“Production went smoothly except the ferrets tired out,” he said. “It was very hard to have a spunky ferret two hours after we began. Next year we’re doing it in shifts!” Funds raised go to support the mission. To order, visit the LegalizeFerrets website or Ferrets Anonymous.

The Bunny Bunch S.P.C.R.’s calendar of rescued rabbits was able to include almost half the photos that were submitted. Caroline Charland, founder of the Bunny Bunch, said looking at the pictures submitted is the best part of creating the calendar. And the most difficult part? “Picking out just the right photos for each month, and especially the cover,” she said, “and not being able to include them all.”

The Bunny Bunch is a nonprofit, rescue and education organization. Charland said that 100 percent of the money raised with the calendar goes to help rescued rabbits. She also pointed out the the bunnies in the calendar are photos of rabbits saved by the Bunny Bunch that are either in a forever home or at one of the adoption centers, waiting for a home.To order, visit the Bunny Bunch website.

Karen Robbins of the American Fancy Rat And Mouse Association said she looked at hundreds of photos before selecting those that appear in the calendars available from AFRMA for 2013. “All photos are submitted from individuals around the world,” Robbins said. “This year we got entries from the United States, Canada, Germany, France and Indonesia.” The AFRMA offers three calendars for 2013 — one features rats, another mice and the third is strictly baby rats. The cuteness factor reaches the max with the rat “kittens.”

The AFRMA is a nonprofit organization that promotes breeding and showing of fancy rats and mice. To order, visit the AFRMA website.

The calendar is the youngest of this group, with the 2013 edition being the fourth one produced. But despite their veteran status, each year brings new surprises for the calendars.

Robbins said the AFRMA calendars have added new mini pictures to highlight events.

The FML calendar also had a change to photos. “For the first time humans have been allowed to appear in the calendar,” Bearden said. “Of course, these are photos of people with their little companions.”

Charland said she noticed that people are using more props and backdrops in the photos they submit, but the big news for this year concerns species, she revealed, “We are including some guinea pig and chinchilla pictures.”

For, the change was the theme, with this year’s being “12 Things Every Ferret Needs.” Each month spotlights something that ferrets need, from flea control to climate control and more. “We try to put a little education in amongst the ferret eye-candy,” Wright said.

These calendars are just some of those produced by pet support organizations. If you know of other fundraising calendars featuring small animal pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, ferrets, gerbils or others, post a comment below. Happy calendar shopping!

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