Cakes, Puzzles & Adopt A Ferret Month, Ferrets magazine

April brings us spring, recipes for ferret-themed treats, touching ferret stories and adopt-a-ferret month.

Happy Spring, Everyone! I know it still doesn’t seem like spring in some places, but I hope good weather is soon on the way for everyone.

OK, I have to confess something here. I want cake, and not just any cake — ferret cake! It’s all because of Deva Kolb’s how-to article for making ferret-themed cake, cupcakes, Rice Krispies treats and more. And the photos (gasp), those treats all look luscious! If you make any of these, be sure to keep them away from your ferrets. Imagine the chaos and possible problems that could cause.

April is Adopt A Ferret Month, according to the Adopt A Ferret Month website. With the drop in donations to animal shelters across the United States, this observance might be more significant than before. April 2 also marks Ferret Day, which I’ve been trying to track down more information about. Me, I guess I’ll just celebrate it by wearing some of my really cool ferret jewelry. Are you doing anything to celebrate Ferret Day? Leave a comment and tell everyone about it!

What do you find that other people misunderstand most about ferrets or ferret ownership? That’s the question for Rebecca Stout’s next Buzz On Ferrets column. Meanwhile, her latest column debuts this month and contains some pretty amazing stories about how ferrets changed people’s lives.

Joseph E. Bowker has his own story about how ferrets brought meaning back to his life. Read it in the Your Ferret Stories section. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to share a ferret story of your own.

As Ferrets magazine continues to grow, so does SmallAnimalChannel, our umbrella website. If you’re in the mood to solve some electronic jigsaw puzzles, go to our Fun & Games section to check it out. I warn you, the puzzles are addictive!

Have a wonderful April!

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