Cage-Free Boarding

Is cage-free the way to be? Our training expert answers your dog boarding questions.

Q: I am looking into a cage-free boarding facility for my pooch for when I go out of town. Is this recommended over other types of boarding?

A: It depends what is meant by “cage-free.” This term sounds good, but it could mean many things. It might mean each canine guest has her own comfortably appointed and secure room. Or it could mean the boarding dogs are confined together in one or more rooms with access to food, water, and beds. Or, it could mean boarding dogs are housed in the kennel owner’s private residence and share that space with his personal dogs. It could even mean the dogs are confined outdoors in a fenced area with shelters or dog houses available to them. Any of these situations might work for some dogs, but not others.

Ask your veterinarian and your friends with dogs if they have any information or experience with the boarding kennel you’re considering. You should also visit the kennel yourself, inspect the premises, and ask the owner any questions you might have about how the place is run before deciding to consign your dog to their care. The most important thing is how your dog will be treated while she is a guest at their facility.

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