Cage Bound

Cage bound is the act of a bird that is only comfortable in its cage and refuses to exit the cage voluntarily.


A behavior exhibited by a bird that is only comfortable inside its cage, so the bird refuses to exit the cage voluntarily. This bird will often show aggression and/or fear if the human tries to force it out.


This behavior can develop as a result of a loss of trust, such as owners handling a bird in an aggressive manner. It can also be instinct based, such as with highly territorial species like the large macaws and quaker parrots (monk parakeets).


Using positive reinforcement training, teach the bird that wonderful things the bird values will happen when it exits the cage, such as special food treats and/or lavish praise. Teach the bird very slowly and with great patience, moving at the bird’s speed, not yours. If you rush things, you will likely frighten the bird, therefore causing a loss of trust in the relationship.

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