Cage-Bound: Bird Term of the Day

Cage-bound: (adj.) A term used by pet bird people to describe pet birds, although not canaries or finches, that have not been socialized and are too frightened to leave their cages. This can commonly be seen in the smaller parrots, such as budgies, lovebirds and cockatiels, who have not been hand-tamed and then their new owners don’t take the time to properly tame and socialize them. Cage-bound pet birds have been forced or allowed to spend too much time in their cage by their owners. A healthy pet bird should feel comfortable going outside the cage, playing on the playgym attached to the cage, an unattached bird/avian playgym or a t-stand perch. If your parrot is cage-bound, you should immediately work on properly socializing him as no pet parrot should be in a bird cage all day long.

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