By Your Side

Always on the lookout for adventure, the Norwich Terrier is independent, yet people-oriented.

As far as 14-year-old Katie is concerned, if it’s morning, then it’s time for her daily two-mile hike. “As soon as she sees the leash, she gets excited and barks,” says owner Glorvina Schwartz, a Norwich Terrier breeder in Palm Beach, Fla. “She’s slowed down a bit, but still has that terrier curiosity and loves to rummage around and explore in the woods.”

Alert, energetic, and always on the lookout for adventure, the fox-faced Norwich is independent-minded, but people-oriented, and, according to Schwartz, “absolutely devoted to his owner. Whether we’re walking, in the car, or at home, Katie just wants to be with me,” Schwartz says of her champion Norwich Terrier. “Her happiest moments are when she’s by my side.”
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