Buying A Hamster To Show

Follow these six tips when you buy a hamster that you want to enter in a hamster show.

see Hamsters table of contentsIf you’re thinking about showing a hamster, there are some important hamster buying tips to follow.

1. Know the family history and genetics of the hamster you buy.

2. Get hamsters that are good representations of their color or pattern.

3. Seek out hamster breeders who breed for show, preferably those who have actually had their hamsters judged and are active with local clubs.

4.  Ask the hamster breeder for an evaluation on the parents of any hamster you are considering buying.

5. Have the hamster breeder show you which hamster pups best meet the standards.

6. Find out which colors the hamster breeder specializes in because most hamster breeders only have really strong lines in a couple of colors.

Take your time and choose wisely. It’s better to wait a few weeks or months, or drive a few extra miles to get just the right hamster. If in doubt, expand your search. Don’t be afraid to leave a store or breeder if the hamster is not right for you. There is truth to the adage, “Buy in haste, repent in leisure.”

For more information about interacting with your hamster, including tips about safe travel, click here>>

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