Buy Florida Aquarium Fish

It's important to buy aquarium fish from Florida Tropical Fish Farmers.

Without too much flag-waving, I hope you will allow me to use my space here to make an appeal to you to buy aquarium fish from Florida. The Florida fish farming industry has been having difficult times for the past couple of years, primarily because of intense competition from fish farms throughout the Far East. The industry in countries such as China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Sri Lanka is huge, and they produce just about every kind of fish sold in the aquarium hobby/industry.

It has been pointed out to me often by my friends who are aquarium fish farmers in Florida, that the Far East has a number of advantages over domestic aquarium fish farmers. In the Far East, they have access to an unlimited supply of heat, water and cheap labor. Perhaps the biggest and most “unfair” advantage the Far East has over Florida is they do not have any of the environmental regulations to deal with that aquarium fish farmers have on this side of the world.

Even with the economic edge the Far East has, the Florida aquarium fish farming industry still produces excellent aquarium fish at very competitive prices. When you consider the cost of air freight (which is totally dependent on oil prices), it often works out that Florida aquarium fish can be landed, especially here on the East Coast, at better prices than similar aquarium fish coming through LAX from the Far East. One final consideration is that the very hard and long freeze in Florida this past winter was very rough on most of the fish farmers there. Many had significant fish losses, and they are struggling to get back on their feet.

Therefore, I ask that you all please go out of your way to support the Florida aquarium fish farming industry. If you do not bring in your own fish direct, but buy from a wholesaler, ask them to please buy Florida fish. Click here for more information about Florida aquarium fish from the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association (FTFFA).


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