Busy Work Week

You know it’s been a busy work week when the only thing left standing in the lunchroom’s rotating vending machine is a lonesome “Cup of Noodles.” I take that to mean that a lot of us had lunch on the run. (I’m still paying the price after trying to gulp down a burrito on my way to a marketing meeting.)

Come to think of it, I’m always rushing through lunch. Perhaps I should take a cue from the flock. They have a no-rush attitude, the way they causally pick out pieces from their seed/pellet mix first, gingerly climb to their favorite eating spot and nibble away. Then they scoot down to the back down to the bowl, grab another piece and repeat.

Of course there are exceptions. Like Ollie and his safflower seeds. He’ll pick up and store seed after seed in his lower beak until he reaches his five or six safflower seed limit. Then he brings them up one by one and cracks them open. Sometimes I swear he’s part hamster (but with a full beak instead of full cheeks). Gracie does a ritual-like dance around a mini carrot as he gnaws away at it. Still, they take their time and are devoted to the meal at hand. I bet they never feel the need for Pepto Bismol.

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