Bus Driver Slams Door In Veteran’s Face Because Of Service Dog

Purple Heart recipient Daniel Wright says the New Jersey Transit driver wouldn't allow his service dog to board.

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Tank is a registered service dog who wears a vest and tags. Via WABC

Daniel Wright served in the military for 11 years, completing four tours of combat for the Army and the Marines. He finished his service with a Purple Heart medal — and PTSD. Wright, who recently moved to Newark, New Jersey, uses a service dog to help him cope with his PTSD. His dog is a Pit Bull named Tank, and he has been trained to calm Wright when something triggers a flashback. Tank is a registered service animal who is kitted out with a vest and tags, but that wasn’t enough to convince a bus driver to let the pair on board.

Wright said he was trying to board a NJ Transit Route 1 bus when the driver snapped that dogs — even service dogs — were not allowed onboard, slamming the door in their stunned faces. A second bus allowed Wright and Tank to board, after he showed his military ID.

“I just need awareness brought that there’s a lot of veterans out here with service animals,” Wright told WABC.

NJ Transit officials say they are investigating Wright’s complaint against the driver and that service dogs are allowed on all of its methods of transport.

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