Burrito Rat Takes His Place As A Food Scavenging Celebrity

Yet another wild animal has been immortalized with a video showing him stealing away with food that’s giant to him.

rat dragging burrito
Via Justin Barad/YouTube 
Burrito Rat is just getting started here. Soon he flips the burrito so he can run forward with it.

If recent events are any indication, it seems that it is no longer the norm just to send social media updates about what you’re eating. Some people have taken this one step beyond by posting videos of what wild animals are eating. 

Pizza Rat is probably the most famous example. And this week, another rat joined the ranks of celebrity food scavengers. Say hello to Burrito Rat, so named because of the apparent burrito he drags away across New York City subway tracks. 

Pizza Rat was also recorded in the NYC subway, and Milkshake Squirrel was in an NYC park. Do we detect a trend? Are more wild animals in NYC bold enough to steal discarded people food, or are more people in NYC willing to record it?

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Surely one reason for the fascination with these food conquests is the size of the food compared to the size of the animal carrying it off. Pizza Rat arguably carried off the largest item, but I think Burrito Rat might have won on weight. Burritos are hefty. 

Think about these animals’ accomplishments, though. Can you imagine if YOU carried a cup of coffee as tall as you or a sandwich the size of your torso? It boggles the mind! 

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