Burglars Save Goldfish After Break-In Smashes Goldfish Bowl

Burglars with a conscience? Why yes there are.

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Freddie the goldfish was saved by burglars after they smashed his bowl during a break in. Photo by McGill Family
John Virata

What kind of burglars break into a home, shatter a goldfish bowl while gaining entry and then place the flopping fish into the kitchen sink and fill it with water before ransacking the place? Apparently thieves with some sort of conscience, as that is exactly what transpired in Nottinghamshire, England late last month.

According to the Metro UK, Monica and Lance McGill came home to find their home ransacked and the home of Freddie the goldfish smashed on the floor. They didn’t find Freddie dead on the floor, but rather swimming in the kitchen sink. The bad guys took the time to fill the sink with water and placed the now homeless fish into the sink.

“The more I think about it [saving Freddie], the more it makes sense,” Monica said. “They’re just there to take whatever they can to make some money from.
They weren’t there to hurt a child or kill an animal or anything like that.
They probably know we have insurance for the rest of the stuff, but not the pet and that’s why they saved him.”

The thieves made off with two laptop computers and some cash, but Freddie was saved. The McGills are hoping the burglars will at least burn the photographs that are on the laptops to disc and mail them back to the home that they broke into. Hopefully the McGill’s can get a bigger tank for Freddie as the bowl that he is in now is a bit small for him.

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