BunnyLuv Fest 2013 Surpasses Expectations

The annual fundraiser for BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center helps the rescue continue to care for more than 100 homeless pet rabbits.

rabbits resting
© Marylou Zarbock
BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center has helped rabbits since it opened in 1996.

With more than 100 bunnies awaiting adoption at BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, California, the rescue is usually a pretty busy place. On Sunday, October 20, 2013, things really got “hopping” at the rescue during the annual BunnyLuv Fest event.

“It did, indeed, live up to our expectations, and it was our biggest fundraiser thus far,” said Terry Elliott, co-owner of BunnyLuv. Founded in 1996, the rescue has held more than a dozen annual BunnyLuv Fests.

The event is a chance for visitors to meet adoptable rabbits, bring their pet rabbits to have a Halloween-themed portrait taken, bid on hundreds of items in the silent auction, buy raffle tickets for themed gift baskets and much more. One popular spot was the presentation tent where several talks were given.

Dr. Jessica Waldman and Dr. Jan Steele from California Animal Rehabilitation kicked off the talks with a health session that demonstrated acupuncture, laser and physical rehabilitation for rabbits suffering chronic pain or with disabilities, such as trouble walking.

Elliott said the talk was quite helpful. “A lot of people brought their disabled rabbits to learn the new modalities and treatments for them.”

crowd listens to talk
© Marylou Zarbock
A talk focused on rabbit rehabilitation captivated the crowd.

Following that was a comprehensive demonstration of rabbit grooming given by Sharon Mills, co-owner of BunnyLuv. In addition to reviewing rabbit grooming needs, she also mentioned things like how delicate rabbit skin is and how the proper hold is necessary to prevent a rabbit from breaking its back. If a rabbit struggles while being held, set it free safely as soon as possible. Knowing the proper technique for holding makes all the difference, and Mills said almost anyone can learn to do it. BunnyLuv offers classes that teach rabbit owners how to groom their rabbit.

The talks wrapped up with a general care and health question and answer session.

For shopping fun, FlatBonnie.com, Food4Buns.com and FatRabbitFarm.com were among the vendors offering bunny-themed items and more.

Elliott estimated that about 200 people attended the four-hour event. In addition to educating owners to help them better care for their rabbits, the focus is also on finding homes for rabbits at the rescue.

“We currently have 123 rabbits for adoption and several that are in homes that we supply with all necessary items,” Elliott said. “Our normal capacity is 50 rabbits, and we are way over. We desperately need the public’s help to keep our furry friends fed and housed appropriately.”

If adopting a rabbit isn’t possible, sponsoring a rabbit is another option. Sponsors even receive letters with a photo and update about how the rabbit is doing during the course of sponsorship.

See the video of the event now!

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