Bunny Yoga Classes Sell Out

What’s bunny yoga? It’s yoga with adoptable bunnies in attendance, and it’s coming in October thanks to The Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia.

baby bunnies
Via The Small Animal Rescue Society of BC/Facebook 
Originally, only one class was scheduled for October 4, but then a second class was added on October 25. Could more be in the future?

In the world of animal rescue, getting people to adopt homeless pets and raising funds are critical to continue helping animals. But with so many animal rescues out there, plus other worthy causes, finding ways to stand out can be a challenge. 

Enter bunny yoga. The Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia announced a one-hour bunny yoga event on its Facebook page at the start of this month. Simply put, it’s a yoga class people do in the presence of rabbits.

The Facebook event page notes that adoptable rabbits will attend the class and will be free to roam around. It states:

“While you are practising they will freely hop around and act adorable (under the supervision of SARS BC volunteers). They may even make themselves comfortable on your mat.”

The class takes place on October 4 in Vancouver, and it’s already sold out. Not only that, a second class was added for October 25 and it has sold out. All this in less than two weeks. More classes could be on the way, though, and fans are told to watch the Small Animal Rescue Society Facebook page for updates.

The popularity isn’t surprising judging from the comments received.

“We should have been Canadian!” commented Rianne Douma on the event announcement.

“I need to move continents!” commented Preston Downey.

bunny yoga class
Via Animal Friends/Facebook  
Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has held a few bunny yoga events in the past.

It seems the world needs bunny yoga. The Small Animal Rescue Society thanked Animal Friends of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for its help in giving tips on organizing a bunny yoga event. Animal Friends held bunny yoga events in February of this year and last year.

The fee for the 20-person class benefits The Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia. And the rabbits at the event are adoptable, so attendees might meet a bunny that they want to adopt. It’s a win-win. The yoga instructor is Caroline MacGillivray.

announcement of bunny yoga class
Via The Small Animal Rescue Society of BC/Facebook 
The first class was sold out within days of being announced, as was the second.

I have to admit that when I first heard the term bunny yoga, I thought it would be bunnies doing yoga. And that, apparently, is a thing, too. People have posted photos of their rabbits in yoga-like poses online (just search for “bunny yoga” or “yoga bunny”), and an artist named Brian Russo has a website with drawings of rabbits in yoga poses. It’s pretty interesting! 

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