Bunny Bunch Opens In Orange County, California

The Bunny Bunch, a nonprofit rabbit rescue and education organization, expanded into Orange County this month with the opening of a new location in Fountain Valley, California.

“Welcome to Orange County!”


“You’ve got the boutique? Thank God. I’m here to buy.”

These were types of comments made by a steady stream of visitors that attended the Bunny Bunch OC pre-open house on July 28, 2012. The Bunny Bunch, a nonprofit rabbit rescue and education organization based in Montclair, California, raced to beat a July 13 deadline to raise a final $10,000 to sign a lease on a building in Orange County, California. The building had been found after more than a year of searching for an Orange County location. It raised the money and the lease is signed. The Bunny Bunch OC is located at 10534 Bechler River Avenue in Fountain Valley.

Those who attended the pre-open house not only got to see the new location and check out some great rabbit products, they also got a dose of bunny cuteness from 10 rabbits visiting for the event. After all, it’s all about the bunnies. Well, and also guinea pigs, chinchillas, tortoises and other small animal pets.

Caroline Charland, founder and president of the Bunny Bunch, said she is now applying for a permit to have animals on the property permanently. The permit could take six to eight weeks to get, but there’s plenty to do during that time, as the space is still essentially empty. “We don’t have a penny to spend on anything,” Charland said. “All money was to get the building leased for a year. Someone’s donating a refrigerator, someone’s donating a microwave. When we raise money we don’t want to spend money on anything but the bunnies.”

The Bunny Bunch OC has a wish list of needed items, including exercise pens, large carriers, paper towels, cleaning supplies, copy paper and more. Charland also hopes a garage sale to take place on August 26 might raise at least $1,000 to help outfit the Bunny Bunch OC location.

For now, the Bunny Bunch OC is only open two days a week — noon to 6 on Fridays and noon to 5 on Saturdays. People can drop by to shop, donate items for the garage sale or the rescue, and also get free nail trims for their rabbits. The hope is for those hours to expand in the future.

Charland said that once they have the permit for the animals, then the Fountain Valley location will be set up very much like The Burrow in Montclair, and it will have similar events, such as classes about rabbit care, bunny sitting and more.

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