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7 Ways Bullmastiffs Have Nailed The Sedentary Life

Bullmastiffs are masters in the art of inactivity.

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The Bullmastiff loves to lounge. Via raisingeva/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

A cross between a Bulldog and a Mastiff, the Bullmastiff is large and loyal. But don’t let their big muscles fool you — the Bullmastiff would rather be sawing logs than fetching them!

This protective canine was bred as a watchdog, to sit and wait for an intruder and then quickly pounce. So, they do not have the stamina or innate desire to run a marathon alongside you, but they would be more than happy to curl up with you on the couch after a brisk walk. In fact, Bullmastiffs are quite comfortable hanging out indoors — sometimes a little too comfortable.

Here are seven ways the Bullmastiff has embraced the life of leisure.

1. They take turns being the guard dog so the others can nap.

“You guys rest for a while, I got this.”

2. They tell the team what to do instead of participating in the game.

“OK, now it’s time to run that ball up the middle! Go! Go! Go!”

3. They utilize what’s in front of them in order to nap in every situation. 

“Don’t move. Zzz…”

4. They’ve mastered how to “take up the whole couch.” 

“Um… I think there’s an ottoman on the other side of the room.”

5. During the winter they never leave their favorite spot — in front of the fireplace.

“I will move come spring.”

6. They know the best hiding spots to sneak in naps.

“They’ll never find me here.”

7. At the end of the night, they always look forward to snuggling with their family.

“As long as I’m with you guys I can sleep tight.”

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