Bulldog Puppy Tries To Wake Mom Who Just Wants Another Minute Of Sleep Please

Mom sticks to her nap plan despite the repeated bites of super-sharp puppy teeth on her face.

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Puppy bites are no match for this mom's dedication to her nap. Via RubyRoo/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

How cute is puppy breath? It’s unique and sweet and lasts only as long as little kid dogs stay little. And if you’re a mom dog it’s probably the last thing you want to smell in your face as you’re trying to get in some precious sleep time.

A dog mom gets a face full of puppy breath — and puppy paws, and puppy teeth — while trying to take a nap, a Rumble video shows. The Bulldog puppy tries over and over to wake her mom and eventually totally loses it as the mom completely ignores the onslaught.

PLAY WITH ME.  Via  RubyRoo/Rumble

PLAY WITH ME. Via RubyRoo/Rumble

There is a lot of leaping (and falling) and biting (and ignoring) and some huffing and puffing on the puppy’s behalf. The mom steadfastly sticks to her nap schedule despite the little dog’s best efforts.

The only sign of the mom even noticing the puppy happens when she lets out one short, but telling, sigh. She’s been through this before, it’s all part of being a parent. And she’ll go through this again sometime very soon, we bet.

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