English Bulldog Puppy Utterly Confused By Falling Raindrops

An English Bulldog puppy experiences rain for the first time, and she just doesn't get it.

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What the? The sky is falling!

When you’ve never experienced rain or snow before, the first time it happens can be pretty strange.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by The HippopotaBullies, an English Bulldog puppy felt her very first drops of rain and had no idea how to handle it.

"Humans, we have a problem." Via YouTube

“Humans, we have a problem.” Via HippopotaBullies/YouTube

Shelby the Bulldog was in her yard at the time, and when the rain started to fall, she got real confused, real quick.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you!" Via YouTube

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” Via HippopotaBullies/YouTube

After the confusion began to settle, she decided to fight back at the rain by biting each drop — and seemed annoyed by the ones that reached the ground.

"Look out! It's an army of raindrops!" Via YouTube

“Ahh, they’re gaining on us!” Via HippopotaBullies/YouTube

When the rain gained momentum, Shelby seemed to understand that this was a battle that could not be won.

A for effort, Shelby.

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