Stubborn Bulldog Struggles To Carry Beloved Cardboard Box

An English Bulldog named Diesel loves his cardboard box so much that he carries it in front of his face and doesn't mind that he can't see a thing.

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"This is Box. Box is my friend."
Chrissa Hardy

Diesel loves boxes. It’s kind of his thing.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Isabel Santos, an English Bulldog named Diesel shows the world his love of boxes by carrying a cardboard box top around in his mouth.

The thing is, Diesel can’t see with the box in front of his face. He doesn’t seem too troubled by the visual barrier though, because he walks around bumping into anything and everything without batting an eye.

Diesel bumps into walls, cars, doors and stumbles off sidewalks all so he can continue his stroll with his new box buddy.

Here’s to Diesel for knowing what he wants in life and fearing no obstacles that could (and often do) get in his way.

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