Bulldog Gets Her Head Stuck In Cat Door While Trying To Flirt With Other Dog

Keeta the Bulldog's owners had to call the fire department to cut the plastic cat door off her head.

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Yes, this might be the worst first date of all time. Via Western Fire Station/Twitter

There are good dates, there are bad dates and then there’s the kind of date that poor Keeta had.

The 5-year-old American Bulldog was apparently trying to flirt with a dog who had strolled into her owner’s Leicester, England, garden, when she got her head stuck in a cat door, the BBC reports. She tried to play it cool and shrug it off (“Cat door? What cat door? Let’s talk about you, baby.”) but her owners still had to call the fire department to cut her out of her uncomfortable looking accessory. And — even worse — the dog she was trying to impress ran away.

Keeta is in heat, according to the BBC, and her owners will now have to wait and see what happens following her brief, awkward encounter with the other dog.

“We don’t know whether they’ve done anything or not … She had that thing stuck on her head, so she might not have been in a good mood,” Keeta’s owner Nigel Page told the BBC.

After getting her head stuck in a cat door and hearing both the BBC and her owners discussing her love life, things got even worse for Keeta.

“I think we can hear the cats laughing from here in Cambridgeshire,” Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue tweeted.

You know it’s bad when cats — cats who don’t even live in your town! — are talking about you. It’s OK, Keeta. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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