Rescue Dog Has The Best Time Playing Fetch By Himself

This dog's new best friend is a ball launcher named GoDogGo.

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Buddy just loves his new best friend, GoDogGo! Via Buddy The Rescue Dog/Facebook
John Virata

It is not very often that a dog toy lives up to its hype. For rescue dog Buddy, his latest toy is so awesome that he seemingly goes bonkers every time he plays with it.

Buddy’s owners gifted him a GoDogGo, a ball launcher that enables Buddy to play fetch all by himself, and boy does he love playing fetch. Buddy showed so much enthusiasm fetching balls with his new toy that when his family posted a video on Facebook of him playing solo fetch, it went viral to the tune of more than 50 million views.

Buddy always has a friend to play fetch! Via Buddy The Rescue Dog/Facebook

Buddy always has a friend to play fetch! Via Buddy The Rescue Dog/Facebook

So how does Buddy play fetch on his own? All he has to do is wait for his owner to turn on GoDogGo. When operating, Buddy drops the ball in the launcher. It then sends the ball in the air. Buddy can time when the ball is about to launch, and takes off running beforehand to try to catch the ball. He then runs back, drops the ball into the launcher and waits again for the ball to go airborne. Over and over. The ball launcher is his new best friend.​

Buddy’s friend is never too busy to play fetch! Via Buddy The Rescue Dog/Facebook

Buddy’s friend is never too busy to play. Via Buddy The Rescue Dog/Facebook

How often does your dog drop a ball in front of your feet and patiently wait for you to pick it up and play fetch? How many times have you ignored that request to play? Too many to count? Then you are a giant let down when compared to the GoDogGo (but are awesome at everything else dog-related, we are sure).

Crazy for my GoDogGo ball thrower

Posted by Buddy The Rescue Dog on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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