Bubble-Tip Anemone Addition

Last weekend, I bought a beautiful, healthy-looking bubble-tip anemone.

You may recall that I once mentioned my first attempt at keeping anemones. It was soon after the tank was first set up — too soon. Although I bought strong lighting and fed the two anemones daily, they did not thrive. Being newly established, our (it belongs to me and my husband) tank was simply not a stable enough environment for such delicate creatures.

Our tomato clown (the only fish that has been with us since the beginning) was distraught when the last of the two anemones died. I know it’s hard to describe a distraught fish, but I am certain he was depressed. He eventually started hosting our large torch coral, much to the torch’s annoyance.

Since that first unsuccessful experience, I’ve wanted to try another anemone, but I’ve been really nervous. I just hate when something dies in my tank. But now that the tank is mature and stable I took the plunge.

Last weekend, I bought a beautiful, healthy-looking bubble-tip anemone. After acclimating it for a few hours, I placed it in the tank. It’s doing great, but it has been moving around a bit. I would like it to settle somewhere more permanent, so when it reaches a spot in the front of the tank, I’m going to start feeding it twice a day to encourage it to stay put. Someone on a reef forum mentioned that someone did a study that showed anemones tend not to wander from a place where they receive regular feedings, even if that spot is not the ideal or preferred location for the anemone to live.

Our clown finally noticed the anemone after a few days and started nuzzling it with his face — so cute! I think the torch coral will be relieved when the clown permanently takes up residence in the anemone.

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