Brush Your Dog’s Teeth in 5 Easy Steps

As National Pet Dental Month comes to a close, we leave you with these easy tips to give your dog a healthier smile.

dog tooth brushDental care is an extremely important part of your dog’s health and brushing your dog’s teeth is a great way to ensure you’re dogs smile is getting the attention it deserves. However, if you have never attempted the feat, you may quickly find yourself wrestling a toothpaste-covered, snapping dog.

Not exactly the pretty picture you receive from most dental care articles, which show a good natured dog practically holding their mouth open for a toothbrush. Let’s face it, most of us spend our lives avoiding putting our hand in our dog’s mouth, which means your dog is probably not used to this behavior.

Follow the below guidelines to ensure brushing your dog’s teeth is effective and safe, for both human and canine.

  1. Handling. Get your dog used to your fingers in his mouth by doing some simply handling exercises. Start by just putting your hand near his muzzle, without touching, and giving him a treat when he does not move his head away. Progress as your dog is comfortable, until you can lift his lips on either side without movement. You should be able to get to the point here you can move all four lips (top and bottom, both sides) and touch his teeth and gums with no problem.
  2. dog teeth
  3. Bite Inhibition. Put some Peanut Butter on your finger (I recommend peanut butter because your dog can consume more of it safely for the sake of training than the toothpaste) and allow your dog to lick it off, while you slowly move toward his teeth, holding up his lip. This will help your dog associate a finger in his mouth as something good, but not something to bite. If your dog goes to bite you, go back to step 1 and practice on handing more.
  4. Tooth Brush. If you have a little dog and are using a finger brush, you can probably skip this step. However, if you dog is larger and you are using a toothbrush, repeat steps 1-2 with the toothbrush.  
  5. Brushing. There are several flavors of toothpaste. Chose a few and put some on your finger to test which flavor your dog likes better; the more she enjoys the taste the easier this will be. Then, put the paste on the brush, and carefully start brushing your dog’s teeth at a 45 degree angle and in small circles – optimum for removing tartar and plaque. Do not brush to hard!
  6. dog tooth brushing

  7. Patience. If your dog is new to this, just do a little bit the first time – don’t worry about doing his whole mouth. Just like everything else you do with your dog, you want it to be a positive experience. So, maybe the first time you just do the front top teeth, and then the next day the top side left, and so on. Once your dog is used it, you can do the whole mouth at one time.

See why dental health matters with this dog dental care infographic>>

dog tooth brushing


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