Broward County Passes No Kill Resolution

The Board of County Commissioners of Broward County, FL., voted unanimously to approve a resolution with the goal of becoming a no kill community.

Many communities, including Manatee County, Florida, which passed a no kill resolution and no kill action plan last year, have found that no kill animal control can be cost-effective, can save municipalities expenses associated with killing, and brings badly needed revenues into public coffers and community businesses. 

There are now approximately 30 no kill communities across the country.  According to No Kill Nation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming animal shelters, these communities have achieved at least 90 percent save rates in their open-admission shelters by implementing the “No Kill Equation,” a program created by the No Kill Advocacy Center. Broward County is now the second and largest county in Florida to embrace this new animal shelter model.

Broward County Animal Care & Adoption has already begun the process of implementing the new infrastructure needed and is currently interviewing for a permanent Director committed to embracing the no kill program.

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