Heavily Medicated Girl Who Thinks Zombies Are Coming Makes Hilarious Choice On Which Pet To Save

Millicent just had her wisdom teeth removed, is heavily medicated, and her brothers convince her that the zombies are coming. EEK!

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The zombies are coming and Millicent has to make some tough choices.

Can you imagine learning of a zombie apocalypse when you’re heavily medicated? It would be extra terrifying, wouldn’t it? You’d have some tough decisions to make, in very little time while in a serious mental haze.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Millicent, a young woman who just had her wisdom teeth removed. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Cabot Phillips, Millicent’s two brothers convince her that the zombies are coming while she’s in a drugged up state, that the virus is spreading and extreme danger is imminent.

Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

Not good… Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

Millicent’s mouth is full of gauze and as the news sets in, she babbles on and on about how to handle the situation. We’re sure that had she not been on medication, her decisions on how to survive the apocalypse would be sound and logical. But that certainly doesn’t happen here.

Then, because her brothers are masters of prankery, they give her a series of choices to make, including which family pet to save — the cat or the dog.

Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

Nobody tell the dog about this! Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

Yep, Millicent is definitely a cat person.

She’s also asked what Spanish she remembers because they need to drive to Mexico.

Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

That’s all any of us can remember from high school Spanish. Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

And she has to make another impossible decision: chocolate or funfetti cake.

Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

How does one even choose? Via Cabot Phillips/YouTube

Poor Millicent. We hope they made you both cakes after this. BECAUSE YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO CHOOSE.

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