Brother Recreates Twin Sister’s Family Photos With A Cat For A Hilarious Birthday Surprise

Gordy Yates loves his twin sister, Meredith, and for their 28th birthday, he decided to recreate her photos, some of which included a cat!

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Gordy might be the best brother ever. Via Gordy Gordy Blog
Chrissa Hardy

Gordy Yates isn’t a great gift giver when it comes to his twin sister’s birthday. That is… until now.

As Gordy states on his blog, Gordy Gordy Blog, he never gets his sister Meredith a birthday gift for their shared birthday. But she always does something thoughtful for him. So in an effort to make it up to her, he decided to recreate 28 of her social media photos from the past year for their 28th birthday.

That’s a pretty funny idea in and of itself, but then Gordy took it one step further. In every photo that included a baby – as Meredith is a mother of two – Gordy swapped the kid out for a cat.

The results are hilarious, heartwarming and just all-around outstanding. Here are our favorite cat photos from the collection.

1. Mother and son/Dude and cat.


2. When you give your child a tiara…


3. This gorgeous parental moment just took a turn for the awkward.


4. Time for smooches!


5. Both babies look quite content, that’s for sure.


6. It’s all about the HAT, dahhling.


7. Impressive flexibility obviously runs in the family.


You go, Gordy Yates!

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