Brooklyn Man Publicly Shamed For Failing To Clean Up After His Dog

A poster with a picture of the unidentified dog owner has been taped up in his neighborhood.

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If this IS you, you'd best start to clean up after your pet. Via DNAinfo/Twitter

One Brooklyn, New York, dog owner should probably start filling the pockets of his skinny jeans with poop scoop bags. The as-yet-unidentified man was photographed ignoring his dog as it does a Number Two on the sidewalk and those unflattering pictures have been used to publicly shame him.

Three photographs of the blue tank top-wearing man were printed onto a flier, which has been pasted up on a building in the Greenpoint neighborhood, CBS New York reports.

“IS THIS YOU???” the top of the poster yells, before adding “PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG!” The poster was signed “Your neighbor.”

According to CBS New York, dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets can face fines of up to $250. Although there have been several social media posts that praise the Unknown Shamer, other residents aren’t sure they would’ve taken it that far. ”

I don’t think it should be policed by the population. I think it should be a normal enforcement type thing,” an unidentified resident told the news station.

So far, no one has come forward to claim responsibility for making the signs — and no one has been outed as the irresponsible dog owner. But if you see a man wearing sunglasses and a fake mustache, lunging at his dog’s backside before he’s even finished his bathroom business, it juuust might be him.

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