Broken-Hearted Dog Stays Beside Owner After Fatal Hit-And-Run

Paco would not leave owner Kelly Black's side until he was collected by her family.

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Paco would not leave his owner's side. Via Russell Colburn/Twitter

A faithful dog stayed by his owner’s side until the very end, laying on a strip of asphalt beside her as she took her final breaths after a fatal hit-and-run.

Kelly Black had been walking her beloved dog, Paco, just after 6 a.m. when she was hit by a semi-truck in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station, the New York Daily News reports. The truck dragged Black, 42, an estimated 400 feet into the middle of a road. That’s where police officers and first responders found her body — and where they found Paco, sadly laying on the pavement beside her.

A despondent Paco stayed on the pavement until Black’s family was called to pick him up. Her brother, Troy Bostick, said that the Rhodesian Ridgeback was Black’s “heart and soul.” He told the the Daily News that Paco hasn’t been himself since the accident, even refusing to eat for several days.

Officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office say that there are no witnesses and the driver has yet to be identified, reports. The police department has also suggested that the driver might not have realized that he hit Black, which Bostick — who owns a trucking company — does not quite believe.

“I just want whoever did this found and brought to justice,” he told the Daily News. “Even if the driver didn’t know they did it, just come forward and tell us what happened. We’ll be as compassionate as we can.”

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