Britain’s Tallest Dog

Meet Freddy, a 7-foot-4 Great Dane who's popularity is growing as fast as he is.

Standing at 7-foot-4 on his hind legs, a 154 pound Great Dane, named Freddy, takes the title of Britain’s tallest dog.

Freddy the Great Dane. Photo by Barcroft Media

Britain’s previous tallest dog of 6-foot-6 has nothing on this 18 month old pup who is still growing. It is expected that Freddy will soon be larger than the Guinness World Record holder Zeus, who took the record in 2012, measuring in at 7-foot-4.

According to Claire Stoneman, who owns Freddy and his sister Fleur, the Great Dane wasn’t always the big boy he is today.  The runt of the litter, he went through a growth-spurt that earned him his tall dog status.

So what do you feed the tallest dog in Britain? Freddy eats over $125 worth of food weekly in a menu that consists of 8 large cans of dog food, 12 pounds of tripe, 12 pounds of minced chicken and 4 pounds of roast chicken in addition to his regular dog food and treats.

Tallest Great Dane, Freddy. Photo by Barcroft Media

Food isn’t the only challenge that comes along with owning giant dogs. Freddy can reach the sink (and pretty much everything else in the house,) he can be a handful on walks, and like any puppy, can be a bit destructive. With the help of Fleur, the Dane duo has torn through 14 sofas in the Stoneman home.

Freddy Britains Tallest Great Dane. Photo by Barcroft Media

Stoneman is excited with the idea of Freddy being the tallest dog, but says most important to her is Freddy and Fluer’s health and happiness.   

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