Bring Home the Bacon to Your Bacon-Loving Dog

Bacon is everywhere so it's only fair you let your dog get's in on the fun. From toys, to treats, to products and even bacon-inspired names, we've got everything bacon for your pooch!

Many of us share our dog’s obsession with that aromatic, greasy, crispy breakfast treat – bacon! And since August 30 is bacon day, we thought we would round up some fun (and delicious) products inspired by this delectable food.

4 Yummy Treats for Your Bacon-Loving Dog

While bacon can be fed as a rare treat, it is extremely high in fat and not a healthy choice for your dog. Of course, you can’t have bacon day without eating bacon, so we’ve rounded up some bacon-inspired treats that will bet your dog drooling.

    1. Bacon and Eggs Biscuits –  Bosco and Roxy’s fun treats are made to look like bacon and eggs, so your dog and you can share a breakfast together! Made in Canada of natural ingredients, your dog is sure to drool over them.

    Bacon and Eggs


    2. DogChewz NYC Toy Temptations Organic Bacon Parmesan Biscuits– these tiny treats are perfect for the smallest of dogs, or the largest. They are made of natural ingredients and no gluten, corn, soy, sugar, salt, fillers, preservatives, or anything artificial.


    Bacon Parmesan



    3. Fruitables Thick Cut Bacon Whole Jerky – about as close as your dog can get to real bacon, without all that fat! These Made in the USA jerky treats have only TWO ingredients: bacon and natural flavor.





    4.The Bear & The Rat Bacon Peanut Barker Frozen Yogurt – this frozen delight mixes two favorite doggy flavors, bacon and peanut butter. Made in Colorado of all natural ingredients, it’s probably healthier for your dog than the real thing.


    Bacon Peanut Butter dog treat


    3 Awesome Bacon-Inspired Toys

    Whoever said don’t play with your food, never saw these. 

      1. Bacon Bubbles – yup, dog bubbles that are scented like bacon. Pretty sure the humans will be chasing these too.


      Bacon Bubbles



        2. Hartz Dura Play Ball Dog Toy – this bacon scented ball is perfect for your active dog, or maybe to encourage your couch potato to play fetch.


        Bacon Ball



          3. Bacon Squeaky Toy – this handmade squeaky toy is just too cute, your dog it going to love it.


          Bacon Squeaky Toy


            Put a Bacon On It – 5 Bacon-Inspired Dog Products

            Looking for something that shows your dog’s love for bacon? These cute items do just that.

              1. Buckle Down Bacon Collar and Leash – what more could a bacon-loving dog be asked for then to be dressed in bacon? This fun set features strips of delicious bacon that looks good enough to eat.


              Bacon collar



                2. Bacon Poem Dog Bowl –  This whimsical stoneware bowl is perfect for serving your dog’s meal in, though they may wonder why it’s not full of bacon all the time.


                Bacon Bowl
                3. Deny Designs You Are The Eggs to my Bacon dog bed – what dog doesn’t want to sleep on bacon and then dream about bacon? This adorable plush dog bed is accented with nice muted tones, so it will look nice in any household.

                 Bacon Bed

                  4. Bacon Dog Costume by Rasta Imposta – looking for a Halloween costume? This one is perfectly suited for the bacon-loving set.

                  Bacon Costume



                    5. Bacon and Eggs Tote – this tote is perfect for carrying around all your dog’s toys, treats, etc. And, it even matches the Deny Designs bed if you really want to be posh.


                    Bacon Bag


                      Bacon-Inspired Dog Names

                      Getting a new dog? Why not name it something unique and original having to do with your dog’s favorite treat!

                      • Bacon (of course)
                      • Sizzle
                      • Francis (after Francis Bacon)
                      • Oscar
                      • Mayer
                      • Kevin (after Kevin Bacon)
                      • Petaso (a type of bacon eaten by the Romans)
                      • Pancetta (an Italian bacon)
                      • Rasher (a thin slice of bacon)
                      • B.L.T

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