Brilliant Human Teaches His Dog How To Open Fridge, Deliver Beer

Ryder the dog has learned to fetch his human a beer, just in time for football season.

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Ryder is obviously the best dog on the planet.

“I get those maternal feelings,” the fantastic comic Kathleen Madigan used to joke. “Like when I’m lying down on the couch and I can’t reach the remote control.”

And I sometimes want a dog, like when I see that the one in this YouTube video, posted Sunday by Michael Impelluso, has been trained to deliver bottles of beer.

In the video, Australian Shepherd Ryder responds to the command “It’s Miller Time!” by trotting to the refrigerator, opening the door and pulling a bottle of Miller Lite off the shelf. (“You taught your dog to bring you water, big deal,” one cynical — and perhaps Coors loving — YouTube commenter wrote).

That's a very, very good boy. Via Michael Impelluso/YouTube

That’s a very, very good boy. Via Michael Impelluso/YouTube

We’re just one week into the NFL season, so Ryder’s owner still has plenty time to teach the clever dog how to open a bag of chips, melt a cup of cheese and deliver a plate of nachos to the sofa.

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