Brian Williams Talks Puppy Love

The "Nightly News” anchor discusses his first canine love, Lucy.

Brian Williams has reported on war, several presidential elections, and the Wall Street collapse. But what’s the one thing that brings this “Nightly News” anchor to his knees? Golden Retriever puppies.

“If I’m walking through New York and somebody has a Golden Retriever puppy on a leash, I just can’t help myself,” he told People. “I will be engaged in an intense conversation on the street corner and if I see a puppy, I’m down on all fours. I just love them.”

But the dog who has a lock on his heart is 15-year-old mutt Lucy. “Lucy is my first canine love – in case she reads this,” he says. “I’m a mutt. Lucy’s a mutt. I see a lot of myself in Lucy. I’m a college drop out who has really hit the lottery in life.”

Williams’s wife, Jane, shares the anchor’s affinity for Lucy, the first dog they got as a couple. “Love of dogs and love of Bruce Springsteen were two of the first things we established when my wife and I met 24 years ago,” he says.

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