Breeding Parrotlets

Q: What type of parrotlet is best to begin breeding and why?

Linda RubinSandee Molenda explains:

Being true parrots, parrotlets are generally more difficult to breed than other small hookbills such as lovebirds, budgies or cockatiels but not as difficult as many of the larger parrot species.

As a beginner, you might want to start out with Pacific parrotlets, which are generally easier to breed than other parrotlet species. Ready to breed at 1 year old, Pacifics generally make good parents to their chicks and will breed year-round if kept indoors. They do not have a set breeding season. Somewhat tolerant of other species nearby, you will likely increase your success rate if you house multiple Pacific pairs within hearing but not seeing distance. A visual barrier between cages will cut down on aggressive behaviors.

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