Stafford Canary


Stafford canaries were developed in the 1980s in Stafford, England. They are a cross between the Gloster and red-factor types. The Stafford canary is a type canary, bred for its physical appearance rather than its song. This beautiful bird can be either crested or non-crested and it has red and rose ground colors.

Stafford canaries are rather short, compact birds with bright red and rose ground colors evenly distributed throughout the plumage. They can have one of three feather types: non-frosted, frosted or mosaic (dimorphic), and they can be crested or non-crested. As a pet, they tend to be good-natured and easy to care for, as well as hardy. It may be difficult to obtain this type of canary, as there are not as many available.

Behavior / Health Concerns

The Stafford canary does well in either cages or aviaries. They are on the timid side and should not be housed together with parakeets, lovebirds or other hookbills that tend to be more aggressive. Additionally, males can be territorial and should be kept separately. They like to bathe daily and should be given water to do so. Their environment should not be wet, cool or drafty, and if they are given space to sunbathe, they should also have a shaded area to protect from too much sun. Keep perches clean to avoid any foot problems.

Breed Details

Native Region:
Stafford, England
5 inches
Life Expectancy:
up to 10 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Canaries are kept for their singing ability and antics.