Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is covered with a downy, curly coat with every little hair arranged in ringlets that lie close to the body. If the whiskers are curly, a breeder knows they have a kitten that may grow up to be a top show cat. The breed has a quiet little voice and will not demand immediate attention, but will not accept being ignored for long periods. This Rex is intelligent, silky and friendly, like a teddy bear that comes in a variety of colors and coat patterns.

Breed Details

Selkirks come in nearly every color of the feline palette, including pointed, bi-color and silver varieties.

The Selkirk Rex's coat, even the longhaired variety, requires little maintenance. An occasional bath followed by gentle combing once the cat dries will keep the fashionable "just got out of bed" look and remove loose hairs. Keep ears free of wax.

Best Home:

The feel of a Selkirk Rex coat is addictive, and the cats seem to know this. They love to participate in everything you do, provided you realize your obligation to pet them at the same time. Their relaxed personalities make them wonderful additions to families with other pets and older children.


Sweet disposition. They are playful without being wild, and loving without being demanding. They will expect to sleep on your bed. But with a little training they will allow you to share the pillow.


The Selkirk Rex has two distinct coat types different from any other Rex cat. The shorthair coat features loose, random curls, while the longhair consists of cascading waves, almost ringlets. The body structure is more heavily boned with a more rounded head than a typical domestic cat. A distinctive, broad muzzle showcases the curly whiskers.