Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is an ancient breed indigenous to Japan. As its name indicates, the Bobtail is a partially tailed cat. Medium in size, with long, clean lines, the Japanese Bobtail comes in a variety of colors and patterns–solids, bicolors and tabbies. However, the preferred cats of today are the same as those seen in ancient Japanese art, the flashy spotted bi-colors. With personality plus and a spirited flair, this breed is among the liveliest.

Breed Details

A wide variety of colors and patterns are accepted, but the most popular are the dramatic markings of the calico (mi-ke) and black/white.

Shorthaired Japanese Bobtails require very little grooming other than petting. They shed very little, mostly in the spring. Longhairs may benefit from an occasional brushing to keep the ruff and leg britches looking good when in full coat.

Best Home:

Active and unafraid of chaos and noise, the Japanese Bobtail makes an ideal cat for a family with busy children. Breeders recommend that Japanese Bobtails always have a companion, whether a cat, dog or some other pet. They can get into trouble if bored.


This playful, social cat demands interaction. The cat will want to participate in all family activities. They are stable, not high-strung, and will show affection to family and friends. The cat produces quiet chirps, hums and meows. A born retriever, Japanese Bobtails love a good game of fetch.


The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-sized cat; females weigh approximately 6 pounds and males approximately 8. The lean and muscular body should never have the tubular look of the Oriental or Siamese. Legs are long and slender with the taller hind legs carried at a deep angle so the back appears level. Every cat has a unique tail, which can have any combination of curves, angles and kinks, but may not exceed 3 inches in length. The tail is movable at the base and can be very expressive. High cheekbones and a distinct slant to the eyes complete the chiseled Oriental look. The coat can be short, soft and silky or semi-long with britches and a neck ruff.