Breed Snapshot: Solid as a Rock

The single-colored Persian remains a favorite.

When Persian breeder Carl Sletten comes home from work every day, he finds a solid blue Persian named Déjà Vu eagerly awaiting their little ritual. Perhaps the award-winning cat lives up to his name. “When I come home, I sit in my chair, and Déjà Vu comes running right up, and he sits by me and purrs,” he says. “[Persians] get very attached.”

As attached as they get to their owners, these gentle souls can show love for each other, too. Friendship is a popular word in the Persian vocabulary. On his days off, Sletten takes Déjà Vu and a couple of his Persian buddies to the local nursing home. It’s good for the residents and good for the cats’ socialization.

**Get the October 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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